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How much do you know?

1970's QUIZ

1. What was the name of the singer with 70's funk band Wild Cherry?
2. What are the real first names to Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, and Geezer Butler of Black Sabbath?
3. What soap does the former bassist for Player appear on?
4. What's the real name of Freddie Mercury?
5. Where did Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin get their names?
6. What drummer played for King Crimson and Yes?
7. What is Paul McCartney's first name?
8. Where was 'The Jug' in Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'Gimme Two Steps' located?
9. What do Triumph, BTO and The Guess Who have in common?
10. Who sang backup on Carly Simon's hit 'You're So Vain'?
11. How much did the guy make who did the duck voice on 'Disco Duck'?
What band was Jim Morrison from?
13. What was the inspiration for Ozzy Osbourne's song 'Suicide Solution'?
14. Who is the longest playing rock band?
15. How many of the Led Zeppelin band members were married all through the 70's?
16. Why did Ozzy Osbourne write the song 'Goodbye To Romance'?
17. What was AC/DC's first big hit?
What was Elton John's first #1 hit song, and what year did it come out?
19. Who had a hit with the song 'Without You'?
20. What is the title of the “lost” Pink Floyd album?
21. Who wrote 'The Air That I Breathe' for The Hollies?



1. Which '80's pop icon sang backup on Rockwell's "Somebody's Watching Me"?

2. Which punk rock icon's alter ego is Buster Poindexter, who released the campy hit "Hot Hot Hot"?

3.Which one hit wonder featured two members from Talking Heads?

4.Where did Big Country originated from?

5.Which band was named after a Star Trek character?


MUSIC QUIZ (1990's)

1. Who were the three original members of Backstreet Boys?
2. Which Michael Jackson song entered straight at #1 position on Billboard 100 Singles Chart?
3. Which two members of *N SYNC were mouseketters on the NEW Mickey Mouse Club?
4. Which rap group was totally crossed out?
who wanted you to "Hold my hand?"
5. Which 2 New Kids On The Block Were Brothers?
6. What big 90's female movie star starred in Bon Jovi's Always video?
7. What is Taylor Hanson's full name?
8. Who Sang A Whole New World
9. who were the only original cast members left on 90210 when the series ended?
10. Which member of what rap band burned her football player boyfriend's house down?
11. What singer hit # 1 with a midget in his band, who passed away towards the end of 2000?
12. Who was the only female solo artist to have a #1 hit single wthout releasing an album?
13. Which member of what rap band burned her football player boyfriend's house down?


1970's Answers

1. Robert Parissi

2. John Osbourne, Frank Iommi, and Terence Butler

3. The Bold And The Beautiful

4. Farrokh Bulsara

5. Floyd got theirs when original member Syd Barrett combined the names of two Georgia bluesmen, 'Pink' Anderson and Floyd Council. Led Zeppelin was told that they would go over like a lead balloon. Wordplay came up with Led Zeppelin.

6. Bill Bruford

7. James (James Paul McCartney)

8. Almost everyone in Jacksonville, Florida knows this one. US 17 (Roosevelt Blvd.) intersects with San Juan Ave. As you are heading South on 17 and come to this intersection, on the right corner is a bar. (Unfortunately it is now a t&a bar.) But, it used to be known as "The Jug", a popular redneck bar. There is nothing to indicate that Skynryd hung out there now.

9. Randy Bachman was in all three bands.

10. Mick Jagger

11. Only 50 dollars! He was in a lawsuit in the late 70's to recover some of the royalties.

12. The Doors

13. The death of AC/DC singer Bon Scott (alcohol overdose)

14. The Rolling Stones

15. 3- Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and John Bonham. Jimmy Page was the ony one not married out of all four of them.

16. Saying goodbye to his former band Black Sabbath.

17. "TNT"

18. 'Your Song'...from 1970

19. Badfinger wrote and recorded 'Without You', but it did not become a hit until Harry Nilsson recorded it.

20. The Massed Gadgets Of Auximenies

21. Albert Hammond

1980's Answers

1.Michael Jackson

2. David Johansson

3. Tom Tom Club

4. Scotland

5. T'Pau



1.Howie Dorough, AJ MacLean and Nick Carter. Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrel joined the band in 1993.

2.You are not alone (Year 1995)

3.Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez

4.Kris Kross

5.Hootie and the Blowfish

6.Jordan and Johnathan Knight

7.Keri Russell - aka "Felicity"

8.Jordan Taylor Hanson

9.Peabo Bryson And Regina Belle

10.Dylan McKay, Kelly Taylor, David Silver, Donna Martin and Steve Sanders

11.Lisa "Lefteye" Lopez of TLC

12.Kid Rock, and Joe C was the midget who died.

13.Lisa Loeb. She had a #1 hit with the song Stay. Stay landed on her
debut album "Tails" in 1995

14.Lisa (Lefteye) Lopes of TLC




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    "A drummer is a musician's best friend."
    from a Martin Mull album.

    "Beethoven had an ear for music."
    -- anonymous

    "Wagner's music has beautiful moments but some bad quarters of an hour."

    "The clarinet is a musical instrument the only thing worse than which is two."
    -- The Devil's Dictionary, by Ambrose Bierce


    What do you get when you put a diminished chord together with an augmented chord?
    A demented chord.

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