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Knowing where to get the best quality and best bargains, discounts, coupons and rebates is the best way to shop!!!
Online Mall and More - find  great bargains, deals, discounts, coupons


In today's busy world, going to various malls and stores to search for a great deal can be a real drag, not to mention time lost and gasoline costs!

This site aims to provide consumers with great online stores with terrific goods and services at the prices you are looking for. Naturally, special and seasonal offers, discounts, coupons, bargains are part of the smart shopping experience.


The average ring size for women is about a size 6. The average ring size for men is about 10. THey also come in 1/4 and 1/2 sizes for virtually all finger sizes






Bidz, Inc.




Bidz, Inc.








World of Watches

WatchDiscounters.com - Save big on the Deal of the Day!s

World of Watches

FractionPrice.com offers over 3000 items at up to 90% off

Shop up to 90% off the finest sunglasses, jewelry, handbags and watches at FractionPrice.com



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uBid is the marketplace you can trust!

Bid on a whole variety of jewelry starting at $1








Instant extra 20% off Swiss Army watches - Click here for coupon!






Back In The Saddle Jewelry














Free shipping and Free gift!

FREE GIFT and FREE SHIPPING with every SuperJeweler.com order! Shop Now













Limoges Jewelry
Limoges Jewelry have offered exquisite jewelry at great prices for over 20 years. They also offer custom-crafted, personalized jewelry designs at prices that are hard to match! Limoges debuted in the 2006 edition of Internet Retailer's Top 500 Guide for the 2nd year in a row, and has been named one of the top 10 jewelry sites in the Internet Retailer! Right now you can get free shipping on all orders over $60 (no coupons needed). Best of all there is a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee. Check out all their offers:~

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Diamond.com is one of the Internet's largest and most respected destinations for certified diamonds and fine jewelry at exceptional prices. There's FREE Shipping on All Orders, No Risk 60-Day Money Back Guarantee, Easy Monthly Payments & Free Signature Gift Box

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Sea of Diamonds (e-Diamond, Inc.) Sea of Diamonds have been in business for over 25 years and provide an outstanding selection of the highest quality diamond, gemstone and precious metal jewelry at exceptional prices to customers in over 48 countries. They stand behind all their products and offer a 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked, and will make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. At their Clearance store you can save 60% -80% (note coupon codes cannot be used in this heavily discounted section).


Anniversary Gemstones
1 Gold Jewelry
2 Garnet
3 Pearl
4 Blue Topaz
5 Sapphire
6 Amethyst
7 Onyx
8 Tourmaline
9 Lapis Lazuli
10 Diamond
11 Turquoise
12 Jade
13 Citrine
14 Opal
15 Ruby
16 Peridot
17 Watches
18 Chrysoberyl
19 Aquamarine
20 Emerald
25 Silver Jubilee
30 Pearl Jubilee
35 Emerald
40 Ruby
45 Sapphire
50 Golden Jubilee
60 Diamond Jubilee
  • January
  • February
  • March
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October
  • November
  • December
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Aquamarine
  • Diamond
  • Emerald
  • Pearl
  • Ruby
  • Peridot
  • Sapphire
  • Opal/Pink Tourmaline
  • Citrine/Golden Topaz
  • Blue Topaz/Zircon

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JewelryWeb.com Inc Jewelryweb.com is solely an internet retailer of fine jewelry and has had over ten years of experience in jewelry manufacturing and retailing for New York's jewelry district. Because they do not have to carry overhead costs of physical stores, they are able to pass on to you savings of 40 -60% off retail stores. They also provide a free jewelry box for your purchase, and 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. Check out their specials:

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EXTRA 30% Off Clearance at Zales.com - Limited TimeZales, a leading diamond store, has offered 83 years of value, quality and service. Zales stores sell more diamond jewelry than any other jeweler in North America. In addition, Zales offers gold, cultured pearls and an extensive wedding jewelry selection.
The ‘Product Knowledge’ page is an informative source where you can use to learn more about the proper care and education about your purchase. Check out their specials:~

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120x60 Kohl's Jewelry Kohl's has a whole range of beautiful jewelry at fantastic prices. Check out their massive discounts during their holiday seasons (40-75% off!)

Click here to view entire collectionLevita provides some of the most unique gorgeous pieces of fashion jewelry at super prices from around the world. They also support Komen for the Cure, which reaches people in more than 200 countries and is the world's largest source of private funds for breast cancer research and community outreach programs. A unique feature Levita offers is the "look" page enabling you to browse through many different fashion jewelry style combinations. Besides a wide collection, they provide free shipping on orders over $35 in the US / Canada, and items are shipped out the same day.



Up to 60% off watches at eWatches.com is an authorized dealer of brand name watches at very competitive prices eg. Accutron, Bulova, Chase-Durer, Citizen, Ecclissi, ESQ by Movado, Festina, Freestyle, Giantto, Hamilton, Kenneth Cole, Longines, Luminox, M.H. Bertucci, Mondaine, Movado, Oceanus, Pirelli, Pulsar, Reactor, Sector, Seiko, Skagen, Suunto, Swiss Army, TechnoMarine, Tissot, Tommy Bahama, Torgoen, Whittnauer, Yes and Zodiac watches. They all come brand new in their original gift box with a full factory warranty. eWatches.com offer free shipping, free gifts with purchases and provide quick shipments. Check out all their specials and offers:


Body Jewelry by Body Candy Body Candy is the largest internet retailer of body jewelry at the lowest prices. Selections include jewelry made from 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, .925 Sterling Silver, Solid 14k Gold and Solid Titanium, eg navel jewelry, belly button rings, tongue jewelry, eyebrow rings and barbells, labrets, spikes, balls, ear jewelry, nipple rings & nose studs. The accessories collection includes toe rings, belly chains, temporary tattoos, and apparel. Styles include everything from the basic to silicone ticklers, dangling jewelry, 'glow in the dark' and body jewelry with Genuine Swarovski and Preciosa crystal gemstones. Body Candy is also an authorized Playboy jewelry dealer.



Carat = weight of the diamond measured in carats. 1 carat = 0.2g

Color = visible "tint" of the diamond. Except rare fancy colors, colorless diamonds have the highest prices. The worldwide color scale, derived by GIA (The Gemological Institute of America), is from D => Z and beyond to the fancy and vivid colors
-D - F = colorless; G - J = near colorless; K- M= sl tinted; N - R = near yellow; S - Z = light yellow to yellow

Clarity = degree to which a diamond is free of blemishes and "inclusions."

VVS (Very Very Slightly included): Highest quality, 1% of diamonds

VS (Very Slightly included): V high quality, v minor small inclusions seen by an expert under 10X magnification

SI (Slighly included): fairly noticeable inclusions at 10X magnification but are generally eye-clean (without magnification)

I1- I3 (Imperfect): inclusions seen without magnification.

Cut: refers to the proportions to which the stone was polished. It takes into consideration the shape of the rough, its size, inclusions and how much weight will be lost in the cutting. This gives the diamond it's brilliance and fire. AGS (American Gem Society) grades their perfectly cut diamonds 0 on a scale of 0 - 10. Fancy cuts include: emerald, princess, pear, marquis, heart.

Certificate: is a quality analysis of a stone, a measurement of its weight, color and clarity. GIA is the most popular, and also EGL, IGI




~ Over 10,000 marriages a year now are directly traceable to romances which begin during coffee breaks.
~The 1st diamond engagement ring was given in 1477 by Archduke Maximillian of Austria to Mary of Burgundy.
~Two out of five marry their first love.
~The word honeymoon first appeared in the 16th century. 'Honey' is a reference to the sweetness of a new marriage and 'moon' is a bitter acknowledgment that this sweetness, like a full moon, would quickly fade.
~In ancient Rome there was no legal ceremony by a priest, minister, or civil servant or any 3rd party to solemize a marriage and there were no formal records of the marriage. The couple agreed to live together and they became recognized as married by the fact they lived together, or by actions such as the man referring to the lady as his wife, or by evidence of a dowry, or by the general acceptance of their life-style as representing a husband-wife relationship. Divorce was by agreement or by simply leaving the household on the part of either partner.
~In 1970, brides were on average 20.8 years old when they married, while grooms were 23.2. Americans are now marrying later in life. In the year 2000, brides were on average 25.1 with their grooms averaging 26.8.
~Studies indicate that a man who kisses his wife good-bye when he leaves for work every morning averages a higher income than those who don't. Husbands who exercise the rituals of affection tend to be more painstaking, more stable, more methodical, thus, higher earners. Studies also show that men who kiss their wives before leaving in the morning live 5 years longer than those who don't.
~One in 5 men proposes on one knee.
~6% of men proposed to their girlfriends over the phone.Red roses are the most popular flower to give on Valentine's Day and although they may all look the same to the untrained eye, there are actually more than 900 different varieties of dark-red and medium-red roses.
~The expression, "tying the knot" dates to Roman times, when the bride wore a girdle that was tied in knots - which the groom then had the fun of untying.
~The Wall Street Journal, citing U.S. Census Bureau research, reports that the U.S. marriage rate is significantly higher in the Mountain States (thanks primarily to Nevada's wedding industry), along with the East South Central States of Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky and Alabama. The Northeast region of the country has the lowest marriage rate.
~Only 4% of men ask for the parent's approval for their bride's hand in marriage.

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